Wedding Format Ideas

Bluegrass, old time, and western swing can bring so much life and energy to every part of your wedding!

Here’s a format that tends to work well, but keep in mind it’s certainly flexible and can be adjusted to fit your vision.

While your guests are arriving, Honeysuckle Hoedown can provide some lovely instrumental tunes as a backdrop for family and friends to greet one another.

The processional is one of the most important moments of the entire day. Some brides prefer to have one tune for the entire bridal party, while others like one tune for the majority of the bridal party and then a different tune for themselves. Honeysuckle Hoedown is happy to arrange for either scenario and can put a bluegrass spin on traditional wedding songs (such as “Pachelbel’s Canon”) or play something a little folkier (such as “Red Rocking Chair”). Once the ceremony has ended and the couple has been officially wed, an upbeat instrumental tune (such as “Big Sciota”) adds to the mood perfectly.

Cocktail Reception
After the ceremony, many couples take wedding pictures with the bridal party and family members while the rest of their guests enjoy drinks and appetizers. During this time, Honeysuckle Hoedown can play some jazzier western swing tunes to liven up the atmosphere until dinner is served.

Since family members and friends often enjoy making speeches during dinner, we usually recommend switching over to recorded music during this time so it is easier to transition between toasts and background music. Honeysuckle Hoedown offers a mix of recorded dinner music, or couples are welcome to create their own dinner mix on an ipod or computer, which can be hooked up to the band’s sound system.

First Dances
The couple’s first dance, the father/daughter dance, and the mother/son dance are such special moments during a wedding celebration, and Honeysuckle Hoedown loves to accompany them. Couples can request their favorite songs, or the band is happy to make suggestions.

Dance Music
After dinner, it’s time to dance! This is when Honeysuckle Hoedown showcases their fast, energetic tunes that get everyone to their feet. Two 45-minute dance sets usually works nicely.

Late-night Music
Once the live music has ended for the evening, many couples enjoy playing a mix of their favorite recorded tunes as the night is winding down.

Have your own musical ideas?
Of course, please remember these are all simply suggestions. If you have other ideas for music, questions about repertoire, or want to make special requests, just get in touch!